Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is a heat treatment process that can be applied to all steels which have carbon content more than %0,2 and cast irons. Substance’s surface temperature is heated until it reachs a temperature which nearly below it’s melting point (900-1400 ○ C) with 1000K/s...

Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is the process of adding a pure metal or an alloy in its powder form to a new or damaged component for wear, corrosion, abrasion protection or for salvaging worn parts. This can be done with a full range of metal...

Sheetmetal Supervisor Support

UNIQUETech Engineering is offering robust solutions to procurement, project management and home-line integration of stamping tools all over the Word.

Engineering and Design

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Wear Plates

UNIQUETECH şiddetli abrazyon ve erozyonala birlikte orta şiddette darbeye de dayanıklı Kompozit Aşınmaz Plakaları tamamen yerli ham madde ve teknolojiler kullanılarak üretilmektedir.